Wyoming Real Estate License

Definition - What does Wyoming Real Estate License mean?

The educational requirements for a Wyoming real estate salesperson license involve studying for at least 54 hours at an approved real estate school in the state. The 54 hours contains 30 hours of Salesperson I courses entailing basic state and national laws and 24 hours in the Salesperson II advanced category. The student must then complete an appropriate state exam to get a license that will be good for three years.

A real estate broker license is available to anyone who has been a salesperson for two years and has completed the 54 hours of study in the state. In addition to earn a broker's lceinse an additional 60 hours of study is required. Most of the studies at this point will relate to the advanced studies covered in the Salesperson II course. The student must also complete the state exam to receive a three-year license.

Testopedia explains Wyoming Real Estate License

The exam for earning a Wyoming real estate license involves a 40 question section relating to Wyoming state law. It also includes a section that features twelve simulation problems. A person must receive at least 75% on each of these sections in order to pass the exam and be eligible to apply for a license.

Each person must then complete 45 hours of study every three years in order to renew a license. This will include courses relating to marketplace activities and contracting rules.

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