Wisconsin Real Estate License

Definition - What does Wisconsin Real Estate License mean?

There are three licenses that people can get when practicing real estate in Wisconsin. A real estate apprentice license is available to those who are 18 or older and have passed an appropriate test. A person must work for at least 20 hours a week with six of those hours dedicated to real estate law studies.

Second, a person can get a real estate salesperson license by completing 72 hours of studies at a real estate school in Wisconsin. The person must also complete the state exam.

Third, the real estate broker license is available after completing 36 hours of study and to a real estate agent who has held a salesperson’s license for at least two years. The prior salesperson requirement must be met prior to obtaining a broker's license. It costs $75 to get a Wisonsin broker's license.

In addition, a person must complete 18 hours of study every two years after graduating. This is the state’s continuing education requirement.

Testopedia explains Wisconsin Real Estate License

It will cost $82 to get into the state real estate exam. It will entail 140 questions regarding real estate principles and laws within the state.

A 60 question exam may be taken to meet the continuing education requirements within the state. This is good for those who already have their licenses within the state.

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