Washington Real Estate License

Definition - What does Washington Real Estate License mean?

A person who is 18 or older and has a high school diploma or GED can become a real estate salesperson in the state of Washington by completing 60 hours of courses from an accredited school. A majority of one’s studies will relate to real estate fundamentals. The person must also complete a licensing exam and then complete two more 30-hour courses. One will involve real estate practices while the second will relate to continuing studies.

A person can get a real estate broker license after having two years of experience as a salesperson. That person must also have 120 hours of studies on real estate law and business management. The appropriate exam must then be taken in order to qualify for a license.

A person must complete 30 hours of continuing studies every two years in order to renew one’s license. This will include a three-hour core course in the process. A three-hour transition course is also required once.

Testopedia explains Washington Real Estate License

The Washington real esate exam costs $138.25. The exam will be intensive and take about four hours to complete. It will require a passing grade of 75% for 80 national questions and 40 state-specific questions.

It will cost $146.25 to apply for a salesperson license and $146.25 to renew for two years. A broker will have to pay $210 for a license and another $210 to renew it.

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