Vermont Real Estate License

Definition - What does Vermont Real Estate License mean?

A person who is 18 or older can earn a real estate salesperson license in Vermont by completing 40 hours of studies. A person must also be endorsed by a licensed broker within the state. The student must pass the Vermont state exam and apply for a license within a year after passing the test.

A person can become a real estate broker in Vermont once they have two years of experience as a salesperson with a licensed real estate office within Vermont. That person must also take a 40 hour pre-licensing course and have completed at least eight closed transactions during one’s work as a salesperson.

A broker licensee must also complete 16 hours of continuing studies every two years. Salesperson licensees only need to complete eight hours of studies in order to renew a license. This must also be done within a two year time period.

Testopedia explains Vermont Real Estate License

The state exam for getting a license involves a four-hour process that uses 80 questions in the national portion and 40 questions in the Vermont-specific part. The student has to complete both of these exams with a score of 75% or greater in order to earn a license within the state of Vermont.
The exam deals mainly with general standards relating to the state’s real estate laws. These include the ethics and competency rules among other points used throughout Vermont.

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