Tennessee Real Estate License

Definition - What does Tennessee Real Estate License mean?

A person who is 18 or older can become a real estate affiliate broker in Tennessee by completing 60 hours of courses in real estate principles. A 30 hour course is also required for all new affiliates. The person must complete an exam and be affiliated with a particular broker in the state.

An affiliate can earn a real estate broker license after being an affiliate broker for at least three years. 120 hours of study are required with 30 of those hours relating to office and broker management. An additional 120 hours of study are to be completed within three years after passing the appropriate exam to become a broker. Much of this involves studying fair housing laws, risk management procedures and ethics.

Finally, a person who does qualify for a license must complete 16 hours of studies every two years in order to renew one’s license. It particularly costs $80 to renew this license.

Testopedia explains Tennessee Real Estate License

An applicant for a Tennessee real estate license has to complete a state exam with 80 national questions and 50 state questions. The exam involves multiple-choice questions relating to real estate basics, management and financial points. Topics relating to property appraisal procedures are also covered for the broker license exam. A person must complete the exam with a 75% score or higher. It will cost $55 to apply to take this exam.

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