South Dakota Real Estate License

Definition - What does South Dakota Real Estate License mean?

A person who wants to earn a South Dakota real estate license can start by becoming a real estate broker associate. This person must be 18 of age or older and have completed 116 hours of studies. This includes courses on the principles of real estate and broker-level studies. A person must then pass the state exam with a 75% score or higher.

The associate may apply for a real estate broker license after being a broker associate for two years. The person must complete 116 hours of studies and then pass an exam with another 75% grade. The courses in this case will relate to principles, broker-level activities and advanced studies.

A person must also complete 24 hours of continuing courses every two years. This is to allow a person to renew one’s license in either field.

Testopedia explains South Dakota Real Estate License

The exam for earning a license will involve two parts. First, there is a section that uses 140 multiple-choice questions.

Second, there is a portion that covers 10 simulated response problems. These are more in-depth questions that involve understanding certain simulations in the workplace. This will take three and a half hours for a person to complete.

It costs $95 to apply to take the exam. It also costs $225 to apply for a license in either form and $125 to renew it every two years.

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