Rhode Island Real Estate License

Definition - What does Rhode Island Real Estate License mean?

A Rhode Island real estate salesperson license is available for those who are 18 or older and have completed 45 hours of courses at a licensed school. The student must also complete a course on lead paint mitigation and file a full criminal history record check. The appropriate exam must also be passed. It will cost $100 to apply for this part as well.

A real estate broker license will be available to anyone who has been a salesperson in the state for at least a year and has taken 90 hours of courses from an accredited school. That person must also complete an exam and pay $100 to apply for the program.

Each person will have to take 18 of continuing education courses to renew a license every two years. It will cost $130 for a salesperson to do this and $170 for a broker. All licenses will expire on April 30 of the years that they are to expire on regardless of the date when a person was able to get a license in the first place.

Testopedia explains Rhode Island Real Estate License

The exam for becoming a real estate broker or salesperson will involve 80 questions in the national exam and 55 questions in the state portion. A person must complete each exam with a 70% score and the exam must be completed within four hours after the total exam starts.

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