Oregon Real Estate License

Definition - What does Oregon Real Estate License mean?

An Oregon real estate license can be given to anyone in Oregon who is fully certified to sell homes within the state. The requirements for entry into a test for receiving a license have been certified by the Oregon Real Estate Agency.

A student must complete 150 hours of coursework in order to be eligible for the test. This coursework deals mostly with real estate law, finance and practice. Additional sections are dedicated to the study of contracts, property management and how to broker deals with clients.

These courses may be taken through one of many schools around Oregon.

Testopedia explains Oregon Real Estate License

A person who does complete the 150 hours of coursework for earning a real estate license must complete multiple tests dedicated to each individual module in the study program. The student must also complete a forty-hour supervision course. The grades are relatively strict and require people to earn C grades before they can become eligible to function as real estate agents for different types of properties in the state of Oregon.

The agent can eventually become an independent real estate broker after a few years. A person with a real estate license must have at least three years of active experience in the field whether it is in Oregon or in another state in particular.

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