Oklahoma Real Estate License

Definition - What does Oklahoma Real Estate License mean?

An Oklahoma real estate license will be available to anyone in the state who meets the appropriate standards for earning a license. These standards will come in three different parts.

First, a student must receive a Provisional Sales Associate License. The student must complete ninety hours of OREC-approved studies involving real estate law and brokering among other functions. The student must then pass an exam and study for forty-five more hours within one year after passing.

Second, a student can become a Sales Associate by completing ninety hours of training and passing an exam before working with a real estate broker as one’s sponsor. This will involve a three-year license instead of a one-year license when working as a PSA.

Third, the student can become an independent broker by having two years of experience as a PSA or SA within the last five years and also provide evidence of seventy-five hours of advanced OREC-approved studies. An appropriate state exam must also be completed.

Testopedia explains Oklahoma Real Estate License

The test used for receiving an Oklahoma real estate license will be given out after completing the required number of study hours. The exam will be at least three hours long and will test every individual aspect of the material, The student has reviewed with regards to receiving a license. A passing score will be good for ninety days after receiving one’s total.

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