Ohio Real Estate License

Definition - What does Ohio Real Estate License mean?

A person who wants to get an Ohio real estate salesperson license must be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or GED. The student must also complete 120 hours of study. Most of the studies will relate to real estate principles and state law. Appraisal and finance courses are also included in this program. You’ll then have to pass the state exam and pay the $60 exam application fee.

A real estate broker license must complete 240 hours of courses and at least two years of college studies. This includes courses relating to financial management and business law. Also, the person must have a salesperson license for at least two years and have completed twenty real estate transactions within that time period. The person must complete the appropriate exam and pay a $100 exam fee.

Testopedia explains Ohio Real Estate License

A student must pass the state exam for earning an Ohio real estate salesperson license with a score of 70 or greater. The real estate broker license exam requires a score of 75 or higher. It will cost $48 to take the exam.

Also, the national portion of this exam will involve 80 questions while the Ohio portion will involve 40 questions. It will take three hours to complete the entire exam with two of those hours dedicated to the national portion of the exam.

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