North Dakota Real Estate License

Definition - What does North Dakota Real Estate License mean?

A North Dakota real estate license will be available to students who complete forty-five hours of real estate training through a state-approved facility. These can include facilities like the University of North Dakota or the Cooke Real Estate School. This will be used to give a person a license as a salesperson.

The student can choose to become certified by taking the exam for a license before completing one’s educational requirement. However, that student must complete at least fifteen more hours of study within a year after being licensed.

In addition, a person can go from being a salesperson to a broker in North Dakota by completing sixty more study hours after receiving a license to be a salesperson. All tests can be taken after the appropriate studies have been completed. These studies must be taken within five years after receiving one’s first North Dakota real estate license.

North Dakota uses a number of continuing education standards to make sure brokers are educated and up to date on the newest trends relating to real estate sales. A licensee must complete nine hours of additional training each year in order to renew a license.

Testopedia explains North Dakota Real Estate License

The Applied Measurement Professionals test will be used for students who want to become real estate agents in North Dakota. This test entails a $130 fee and a $100 fee for a salesperson license or $120 for a broker license.

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