New Mexico Real Estate License

Definition - What does New Mexico Real Estate License mean?

A person can earn an associate broker license in New Mexico by completing 90 hours of studies within three years prior to applying for a license. The courses will be divided between real estate principles, law and brokerage activities. In addition, the person must complete the appropriate exam in order to receive this license.

A real estate broker license will be available to anyone who has been an associate broker for at least two of the last five years. The student must complete 120 hours of study in the fields of real estate law and principles, brokerage basics and office administration. All four of these sections will be evenly covered during the course of the study program.

Testopedia explains New Mexico Real Estate License

The exam for becoming a realtor in New Mexico will involve 80 questions on the national portion and 50 on the New Mexico part. A participant must answer 60 national questions and 38 state questions correctly in order to pass. The exam will cover the courses in an even fashion throughout the entire course of the process. The exam fee will cost $95.

A three-year license for either a standard or associate broker will cost $270. The renewal fee is also $270. All real estate professionals will be required to complete 30 hours of continuing studies every three years.

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