Nebraska Real Estate License

Definition - What does Nebraska Real Estate License mean?

A Nebraska real estate license will be available to qualifying professionals through the Nebraska Real Estate Commission in accordance with the Nebraska Real Estate License Act. A student will have to acquire a high school diploma or GED equivalent and then study for sixty hours through a NREC-certified program. An appropriate background check will also be required in this process. The participant will have to complete an appropriate exam as well.

A licensee can then become a broker after having two years of experience as a real estate salesperson with an NREC-certified license. The licensee will have to complete 120 hours of studies and complete another test in order to become a fully licensed broker. The student can also complete these studies prior to completing two years of experience but will have to study for 180 hours instead.

A licensee must also complete 18 hours of continuing education every two years in order to renew a license.

Testopedia explains Nebraska Real Estate License

The test for earning a Nebraska real estate license will entail questions relating to how to run a brokerage, handling property disclosures, maintaining accounting standards and understanding the ethical considerations that come with being a realtor in Nebraska. It costs $135 to apply for the license and $150 for the examination fee. It also costs $200 for salespeople to renew their contracts with their exams or $260 for brokers.

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