Montana Real Estate License

Definition - What does Montana Real Estate License mean?

A person who wants to become a real estate salesperson in Montana must be at least 18 and have completed the tenth grade of school or higher. The person must also complete 60 hours of courses within 24 months. A supervising broker must required to endorse the candidate.

A license to become a broker can be available to anyone who has been a salesperson for two years and has completed 60 hours of training courses. The candidate must have also completed at least 30 residential real estate transactions and 10 commercial or agricultural transactions within the last three years.

Testopedia explains Montana Real Estate License

The exam for a Montana real estate license has different grades for each portion. The person must complete the exam with an 80% score or higher on the national portion and a 70% or higher on the state portion. These are the same standards to use for both a broker and a salesperson.

It will cost $122.50 to apply for a salesperson license or $135 for a broker license. It also costs $110 to apply for the exam. Licnesee renewal fees are $87.50 or $100 to renew a license based on the level of that license. A person must complete twelve hours of continuing courses every year in order to maintain one’s license. This is regardless of whether it is a salesperson or broker license.

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