Missouri Real Estate License

Definition - What does Missouri Real Estate License mean?

A Missouri real estate license is available to people who are over the age of eighteen and meet one of the state’s main requirements. An applicant can be a licensed attorney in the state of Missouri or hold a real estate license from another state and pass the STATE salesperson exam alongside the Missouri Real Estate Practice Course.

Most people who do apply for a license will have to apply with a completely new profile. This will involve completing a forty-eight hour course from a licensed school.

In addition, an applicant can become a broker by completing a separate forty-eight hour course. The broker candidate must also have held a salesperson license for at least two years.

Testopedia explains Missouri Real Estate License

An exam for the salesperson part of the Missouri real estate license will entail a hundred questions relating to several important fields in the industry. The exam will involve agency relationships and contracts for the most part but it will also include sections relating to finances, property management and handling market regulations.

An exam to become a broker will involve a more intensive written approach. This will relate to agency relationships, how to handle money and how to work with commercial properties alongside residential options.

The examination fee will be $56 for either option. The exams are also administered by computer at a series of authorized testing centers around Missouri.

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