Maryland Real Estate License

Definition - What does Maryland Real Estate License mean?

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) is responsible for issuing real estate licenses to salespeople and brokers within Maryland through the Maryland Real Estate Commission. The license is offered at the three levels of salesperson, associate broker and broker. Individuals who wish to attain a Maryland Real Estate Commission must meet the following requirements:
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Possess a good reputation
  • Have 60 hours commission approved education
  • Take a 3 hour real estate ethics course
  • Complete the Maryland Real Estate exam
  • Have a licensed broker confirm a desire to hire the applicant
Associate brokers and brokers must meet the following additional requirements:
  • Hold a current Maryland Real Estate Salesperson commission
  • Have 3 years real estate salesperson experience with a Maryland broker
  • Pass additional examinations
PSI Exams administers the examination. A fee of $66 is due at the time of registration for the exam. The exam is broken into two sections, a national section and a state-specific section. Sections are scored separately and can be retaken separately. The national exam consists of 80 questions in 90 minutes. Additional ungraded "pretest" questions may be added. The state exam consists of 30 questions for the salesperson or 40 questions for associate broker and broker. Candidates are given 30 minutes for the state exam, regardless of level sought. A passing grade on the national exam requires 56 or more correct answers. The lowest passing grade for the state exam is 21 correct answers for the salesperson and 28 correct answers for the broker.

Additional fees of $110, $150, and $210 are required for the salesperson, associate broker, and broker licenses, respectively.

Testopedia explains Maryland Real Estate License

The national exam covers the following topics:
  • Property Ownership - 5-6 questions
  • Land Use Controls and Regulations - 5 questions
  • Valuation and Market Analysis - 7-8 questions
  • Financing - 7 questions
  • Laws of Agency - 10-11 questions
  • Mandated Disclosures - 7-8 questions
  • Contracts - 10 questions
  • Transfer of Title - 4-6 questions
  • Practice of Real Estate - 11-12 questions
  • Real Estate Calculations - 5-7 questions
  • Specialty Areas - 4-5 questions
The Maryland state exam covers the following topics:
  • Duties and Powers of the Real Estate Commission - 4-5 questions
  • Licensing Requirements - 4-8 questions
  • Agency - 7 questions
  • Supervision - 5-6 questions
  • Business Conduct - 6-9 questions
  • Ethics - 4-5 questions

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