Maine Real Estate License

Definition - What does Maine Real Estate License mean?

A person can become a real estate associate broker within the state of Maine by being at least 18 years of age, having a high school diploma or GED and recommendations from at least three people. A broker must also produce a written statement endorsing the potential associate broker.
The associate broker must complete all the important educational requirements for getting a license.

The broker must complete a 60 hour training course, work as a sales agent for two of the last five years and pass an appropriate exam.

That person can become a real estate broker after being an associate broker for at least one year. The person must have completed a two-year degree program to be a broker and also have completed the Role of the Designated Broker course.

Testopedia explains Maine Real Estate License

The exam for getting a Maine real estate license must be completed after all the proper training. A student must have a grade of 75% or higher in order to earn a license. There are 80 questions in the national portion of the test and 45 in the state portion.

It will cost $21 for a criminal background check plus $100 to apply for a license. These terms are the same for the standard and associate licenses.

A person must also renew one’s license every two years. It costs $100 to renew and a person must complete 21 additional hours of continuing education.

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