Louisiana Real Estate License

Definition - What does Louisiana Real Estate License mean?

A Louisiana real estate license is available from the Louisiana Real Estate Commission for those who meet the appropriate standards. A person has to be eighteen or older and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. The student must also complete ninety hours of LREC-approved courses and then pass an exam. The applicant must also be sponsored by a licensed broker.

A person can eventually become a licensed broker. This can be done by completing 150 hours of LREC-approved studies and also be experienced for at least four years as a real estate salesperson whether it is in Louisiana or another state. An additional exam must also be completed.

A licensee must also complete forty-five hours of education within 180 hours after being licensed. Twelve hours of continuing studies must also be completed every year in order to renew an existing license.

Testopedia explains Louisiana Real Estate License

The exam that is taken for a Louisiana real estate license will involve several different points. The topics that are covered in these exams will vary based on what the exam is for. A salesperson exam will involve questions relating to property ownership, contracts, land use and general Louisiana laws. A broker exam will relate to advanced valuation and disclosure laws among many additional topics.

A license fee of $90 and an exam fee of $85 will be due before taking either exam.

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