Kentucky Real Estate License

Definition - What does Kentucky Real Estate License mean?

The requirements for obtaining a Kentucky real estate license include the completion of 96 hours of study as approved by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission. This may include the completion of six semester hours of completed courses from a qualifying college. The applicant must then complete a test and apply for a license within sixty days of passing that test.

A salesperson can receive a broker’s license by working as a licensed salesperson for at least twenty hours a week for the past two years. The student must complete 336 hours of study from a KREC-approved school. The exam and application standards will be the same for a broker license as it will be for a salesperson license.

The courses will entail topics relating to property sales and restrictions as well as contract, assessment and valuation points. Topics on property management may also be included in the exam.
Finally, six hours of continuing education courses are required for all applicants every year.

Testopedia explains Kentucky Real Estate License

The Kentucky real estate license exam is issued by Applied Measurement Professionals and will involve general and state law portions. It will cost $75 to apply for the exam. In addition, participants must pass each exam for a salesperson or broker license. Some applicants may have to take a forty-eight hour course on Kentucky real estate law before qualifying for the test.

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