Iowa Real Estate License

Definition - What does Iowa Real Estate License mean?

The Iowa Real Estate Commission under the guidance of the Iowa Professional Licensing Division has set up separate requirements for people who want to receive licenses to be either salespeople or brokers in the field of real estate. A salesperson must be at least eighteen and be sponsored by a licensed broker. A sixty-hour course must also be completed. This will entail courses relating to buying practices, ethical procedures and property law for the most part.

The salesperson should also complete three twelve-hour courses prior to applying for a license. These three courses relate to listing practices, ethics and buying practices.

A potential broker will have to take sixty additional hours of studies in order to receive a license as a broker. That person must also be experienced as a salesperson for at least two years.
A background check must also be completed. It can take about ten to twelve weeks for a check to be fully completed.

Testopedia explains Iowa Real Estate License

The exam for receiving an Iowa real estate license will include eighty questions relating to national real estate laws and forty questions on Iowa state laws. The exam will take about three hours to complete and will require a passing score of 84 out of 120. The exam costs $90 to complete and can only be taken after the participant has completely taken the appropriate courses beforehand.

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