Indiana Real Estate License

Definition - What does Indiana Real Estate License mean?

The requirements for obtaining an Indiana real estate license in order to become a real estate salesperson or broker in Indiana include the requirements of being at least eighteen years of age and not having any criminal records in one’s past. A salesperson must complete a 54-hour course involving the principles and laws of real estate. A student may also complete eight semester hours of real estate study in an accredited university.

An extended broker study program is also available for those who have completed the salesperson course and has worked under the control of a real estate agency for a full year. A separate exam will also be required when earning this license.

Sixteen hours of continuing education courses are also required on a two-year basis after being licensed to be a real estate agent in Indiana.

Testopedia explains Indiana Real Estate License

The Indiana real estate license exam will entail individual points relating to agent and broker activities. The questions that will be used here will vary based on the type of license a person is trying to earn. A license fee and the renewal fee will both cost $35 each.

A person who passes the exam will have exactly one year after doing so to apply for a license. The participant must apply within this time in order to act as a licensed real estate agent or broker in the state of Indiana.

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