Idaho Real Estate License

Definition - What does Idaho Real Estate License mean?

An Idaho real estate license will be given to a person who has passed the appropriate qualifications for selling real estate within Idaho. A sales associate must complete ninety hours of studies in two different pre-license courses. Module 1 will first be used to cover real estate law, property law and title transfer rules. Module 2 relates to contract laws, listings and ethics among other topics. The associate can take the appropriate exam after meeting these rules. An applicant must also have errors and omission insurance in order to be a sales associate.

A broker must have two years of experience as a sales associate and at least ninety hours of prior education. This includes courses relating to real estate law, brokerage management and either appraisal procedures or financing.

Testopedia explains Idaho Real Estate License

A person can earn an Idaho real estate license by completing two exams. The first is a basic general real estate exam. The second exam focuses on Idaho state law.

A participant must complete the courses for an exam in three years or less before applying for it. The standards for taking the test will vary by each site but it will cost $160 for a license after completing a test.

This agent must complete sixteen hours of continuing education courses alongside appropriate exams for the data used in these studies. This must be completed every year after being licensed.

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