Hawaii Real Estate License

Definition - What does Hawaii Real Estate License mean?

The requirements for receiving a Hawaii real estate license have been set up by the Hawaii Real Estate Branch. A salesperson must complete a pre-license course that lasts for at least sixty hours. This may be taken through an authorized school. People can also participate in these courses online.

A salesperson can apply for a real estate license to become an independent broker after spending three years as a licensed salesperson. This person can be licensed within Hawaii or any other state with a similar real estate system. The person must complete another sixty hours of study to become a broker.

Testopedia explains Hawaii Real Estate License

The exam for earning a Hawaii real estate license will entail a general section relating to real estate principles and laws and a state sections relating to Hawaii-based laws. The exam is designed with strict passing grades. This part of applying for a license is also available for people to use online.

A person must have a 70% score or better to receive a license as a salesperson or a 75% or higher score to become a broker. Also, each section is graded separately so there is the potential for a person who fails one part of the exam to have to take that individual part all over again without going to the other part.

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