Georgia Real Estate License

Definition - What does Georgia Real Estate License mean?

In the state of Georgia, real estate licenses are managed and issued by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraisers Board. The license is available at the three levels of Salesperson, associate broker and broker. Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:
  • 18 years of age
  • High school education or equivalent
  • Approved course of real estate related education
  • Pass the examination
To move from salesperson to Broker or Associate Broker, candidates must complete additional education requirements and pass the higher-level examination. Licenses cost $170. Salespersons that do not take the exam within three months of applying will have their license fee raised to $340.

Georgia charges a $97 examination fee. MP administers the exam, which charges an additional $115 fee due at the time of registration. National and state specific questions are covered on the exam. It is composed of 152 multiple-choice questions. An additional 5 un-scored pretest questions may be added. Pretest questions are not marked and cannot be skipped. Candidates have 4 hours to complete the exam.

Brokers must also pass a simulation section composed of a number of interactive questions covering multiple topics. Applicants have 3 hours to complete the simulation portion. For simulations, rather than being right or wrong, varying values are associated with each potential answer.

Scoring for examinations is done through the Angoff method, which takes each question into account separately. Therefor different forms of the exam will have different passing scores. Specific scores are not released to successful candidates.

Testopedia explains Georgia Real Estate License

The Georgia real estate examination covers the following topics:
  • Agency Relationships and Contracts - 28 questions
  • Real Property Ownership/Interest - 14 questions
  • Finance - 15 questions
  • Real Property - 14 questions
  • Marketing Regulations - 8 questions
  • Property Management - 8 questions
  • Real Estate Calculations - 13 questions
  • State Laws and Rules - 16 questions
  • Real Estate Practice in Georgia - 21 questions
  • Finance and Closing - 15 questions

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