Delaware Real Estate License

Definition - What does Delaware Real Estate License mean?

A Delaware real estate license can be given to a student who meets the key requirements. A student must complete ninety-nine hours of study. This will entail real estate law and sales for the most part with some smaller segments dedicated to mathematics. A person can take up to 39 hours of this study online while the rest must be held at licensed educational facilities that have been approved by the Delaware Department of State.

A salesperson who wants to become a broker must have a license and have operated in the field for five straight years. In addition, that salesperson should have completed at least thirty legal sales during that time period. A potential broker must complete ninety-six hours of study with most of this going towards brokerage, financing and legal courses. A $134 fee is also required when applying for a broker license after completing the exam.

A license can be maintained with the appropriate continuing educational standards. A student must complete fifteen hours of continuing studies every two years. This must be done before April 30 in a year depending on the status of one’s Delaware real estate license.

Testopedia explains Delaware Real Estate License

Both licenses will require a student to complete two exams. One relates to basic real estate rules while the second is for specific laws relating to Delaware real estate. The salesperson exam costs $69 to apply for with a $25 guaranty fund added on top of this fee. The broker exam will go for $85.

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