Arkansas Real Estate License

Definition - What does Arkansas Real Estate License mean?

An Arkansas real estate license will be available to a person who wants to sell homes in Arkansas when that person meets the appropriate requirements. A salesperson will have to be at least eighteen and have completed sixty hours of real estate study. Half of this is dedicated to the basics of real estate. The student must then pass an exam and apply for a license within ninety days after passing the exam.

A broker will have to work as a salesperson for at least two of the past four years and must complete at least sixty hours of study. The same exam and license application standards will apply for a broker as they do for a salesperson.

The number of hours required in a continuing education program after receiving a license will vary based on one’s profession. A salesperson must complete eighteen hours of continuing education every year while a broker must study for at least thirty hours.

Testopedia explains Arkansas Real Estate License

The Arkansas real estate license test will entail all the major topics that relate to being in the real estate industry. These include sections on real estate taxes, contracts, title laws and how to transfer titles, ethical procedures and mathematics. A student must pass the exam and pay an appropriate fee for taking it. The fee will be $50 for a salesperson or $70 for a broker. A $25 Recovery Fund fee must also be added.

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