Alaska Real Estate License

Definition - What does Alaska Real Estate License mean?

An Alaska real estate license will be available to a person who is at least nineteen years of age, is not under indictment for any felonies and has completed forty hours of education for receiving a license to work as a real estate salesperson. This license will entitle the recipient to work alongside a particular broker in Alaska. In addition, an exam must be passed and the license must be applied for within six months after that.

A broker must meet the standards for becoming a salesperson and operate as a registered salesperson for at least twenty-four months. Also, an additional fifteen hours of training is required before being eligible to complete a test and apply for a license within six months after passing it. The broker must then work as a broker for a corporation or own one’s own business at this point.

Testopedia explains Alaska Real Estate License

The exam for an Alaska real estate license costs $100 to take and in Anchorage. It is also held in Fairbanks and Juneau but at less frequent times.

The exam will entail questions relating to real estate properties and how to value and appraise these properties. It also covers topics about contracts including living contracts and commission agreements. Financing is particularly covered in each individual exam. The broker’s exam will specifically include sections on trust accounts and recordkeeping.

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