The Professional in Human Resources Test (PHR Test)

Definition - What does The Professional in Human Resources Test (PHR Test) mean?

The Professional in Human Resources Test is a certification test for people interested in entering into the field of human resources. This is issued by the HR Certification Institute for all participants to see.

The test is used to determine of an HR professional is capable of understanding the duties that are asked of that person in the human resources industry. The test focuses on several fields relating to human resources including business management, human resource development, risk management, employment planning and how to maintain compensation procedures within a business.

Testopedia explains The Professional in Human Resources Test (PHR Test)

People who want to enter the Professional in Human Resources Test can do so by holding an appropriate amount of experience in the HR field. The amount of experience that must be involved will vary based heavily on the educational experience that person has.

A person who has less than a bachelor’s degree in a related field will need to have at least four years of experience in the field. A participant will need two years of experience with a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience with a master’s degree.

Also, people who have expressed the knowledge needed for handling program implementation procedures and tactical plans will be eligible for entering the course. This even includes plans relating to how a person works with the HR department in mind without a focus on an entire organization.

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