Certified Government Financial Manager Examinations (CGFM)

Definition - What does Certified Government Financial Manager Examinations (CGFM) mean?

The Certified Government Financial Manager exams are used to give people support with becoming CGFMs in accordance to standards that have been drafted by the Association of Government Accountants.

The exam is run with several standards. First, exams are used with details involving the comprehensive relating to government financing, how the government is structured, ethics in running finances and how to maintain public accountability.

Additional exams are used for accounting and reporting as well as the management of finances in the workplace. Much of this involves understanding how to use a number of different standards relating to the field of maintaining audits, reporting on documents and many other materials used to exam what may be used in the field.

A person who passes the exams will receive an award letter. This states that a person will have become a CGFM. This letter will be sent out a few weeks after completing the last of the exams.

Testopedia explains Certified Government Financial Manager Examinations (CGFM)

The CGFM examinations are available for those who have received an appropriate education at the start. The exam is available for those who have bachelor’s degrees in the field of finance. In addition, a person may take the exam within one year prior to graduating with an appropriate degree. People should also learn how to engage in such actions as accounting, auditing, budgets and finances.

In addition, a person needs to have at least two years of experience in the field of governmental financial management. This may involve experiences relating to the design of new financial systems.

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