Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

Definition - What does Certified Safety Professional (CSP) mean?

A Certified Safety Professional is a person who will have received the appropriate designation of being an expert in the field of workplace safety. A CSP is a person who has obtained experience in the field of workplace safety. This certification is issued by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.

A CSP will be a person who is able to maintain and operate all workplace safety standards. These include standards that relate to how well workplace safety should be run based on what is being managed in the workplace and how well people are going to be treated and controlled with maintenance in mind.

A CSP will also be responsible for designing solutions for workplace safety needs. Part of this will involve training all employees on how they are to use these solutions in the workplace while also being able to communicate with individual employees in the field.

Testopedia explains Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

A CSP will have to earn an associate’s degree or higher in the field of workplace safety and health. In addition, that person must have at least four years of experience in the industry. At least half of the activities that a person does on the job one is in should relate to workplace safety.

The appropriate exams from the BCSP must also be passed. These include such exams as the Safety Fundamentals and Comprehensive Practice exams. Constant reeducation procedures must also be used to allow people to learn about how well different actions are to be used and how new technologies are to be run

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