Associate Safety Professional (ASP)

Definition - What does Associate Safety Professional (ASP) mean?

The Associate Safety Professional designation is given to those who are starting out on the road to becoming a Certified Safety Professional. An ASP is a person who has passed the Safety Fundamentals exam. This is the first exam that people have to pass before they can become CSPs. An ASP can eventually be eligible to take the Comprehensive Practice course in order to actually become a CSP after a period of time.

An ASP will be someone who has been able to review many points relating to safety, health and environmental considerations. This includes understanding the ways how different safety considerations are to be used in the workplace to make sure that all people in a local environment are protected without any risks coming from what may develop in the workplace.

Testopedia explains Associate Safety Professional (ASP)

A person can become eligible for this designation by completing the Safety Fundamentals exam. This computer-based test will take about five hours to complete and will involve about two hundred questions in total.

The intention of the exam is to test a professional’s knowledge of the way how safety, health and environmental hazards are to be controlled. This includes understanding how to recognize and measure SH&E hazards while also finding ways to resolve any problems that may occur after an extended period of time.

A person also has to acquire an appropriate degree in order to practice as a professional. A person must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field related to safety and hazard controls.

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