Energy Risk Professional (ERP)

Definition - What does Energy Risk Professional (ERP) mean?

Energy Risk Professional is a credential used by professionals working with energy sources. The ERP credential is administered through the Global Association of Risk Professionals and the American Petroleum Institute.

The ERP credential is for those who are capable of handling and managing energy resources. This includes being able to manage the financial risks that are involved with handling energy in the workplace.

Those who are certified to work with this credential will be capable of working alongside several different kinds of firms. These include many technology firms that require energy and need to get their energy usage standards under control in order to be more successful.

Testopedia explains Energy Risk Professional (ERP)

ERPs are capable of supporting several factors in the current energy market. They are able to work with the study of the exploration, storage and processing of several renewable energy sources. These include hydrocarbon-based sources among others. Support for clean air technologies is also available through studying and research to determine how well different procedures are to work for different clients based on the standards that they are able to work with.

This is a credential that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is estimated that close to three thousand new ERPs have been certified through the appropriate exams in the last three years. The demand for the position is expected to be strong for the coming industry.

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