LEED AP Neighborhood Development (LEED AP ND)

Definition - What does LEED AP Neighborhood Development (LEED AP ND) mean?

LEED AP Neighborhood Development (LEED AP ND) is a credential for professionals involved with the design and development of sustainable neighborhoods. Much of this involves working with everything from getting an appropriate location set up, to creating a sustainable neighborhood design, to getting buildings prepared with green features.

Testopedia explains LEED AP Neighborhood Development (LEED AP ND)

Sustainability can mean a lot of things. Many immediately think of design plans that include solar energy in order to keep a neighborhood from having to rely on an electric grid, but there are many other more basic examples. Some include:
  • The neighborhood’s location -- developing in an areas near public transportation or near a site that features water conservation plans can be a
  • Walkable streets -- this includes the creation of neighborhood centers that can be used for multiple activities and proper shading from trees.
  • Water-efficient landscaping -- recycled content can be added to the infrastructure and to getting buildings completed as well.

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