Definition - What does LEED AP Homes mean?

The LEED Accredited Professional credential is used to certify people who are capable of working with green construction procedures. This is particularly the case with the construction of homes. The LEED AP Homes standard is used to endorse those who are able to design and build homes that are able to use fewer resources and to keep from producing more waste or using more energy than needed.

Testopedia explains LEED AP Homes

The LEED AP Homes standard covers critical points that are dedicated to preparing homes the right way. Much of this involves educating a person on how to work with water management including how to use water with special fixtures and rainwater-using materials to keep water use down. Energy procedures may also be covered with renewable energy support and with low-energy materials around a home including appliances and lights.

Part of the standard includes understanding how well construction can be handled with site selection in mind. This includes seeing what sites are appropriate for a particular area and whether or not a construction site is at risk of disrupting or harming a natural habitat. There’s even the need to plan construction near areas that will take advantage of renewable energy features or natural blocks used to keep heating and cooling use in a home down. These are traditionally made to help with protecting a home from using more energy than needed.

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