LEED AP Interior Design + Construction (LEED AP ID+C)

Definition - What does LEED AP Interior Design + Construction (LEED AP ID+C) mean?

The LEED AP Interior Design + Construction credential covers plans to design appropriate interior spaces in homes and businesses with sustainable and healthy plans in mind. This is done with plans to figure out how the inside of a space is arranged with the right construction materials and fixtures used to prevent people from using excess amounts of energy, water and waste. It is all made to help with keeping a site energy-efficient and controlled no matter what types of items are being used around it.

Testopedia explains LEED AP Interior Design + Construction (LEED AP ID+C)

People who have this LEED AP credential will be capable of handling construction procedures that are made to fit in with all codes that a building must follow. These include codes relating to plumbing, electrical and mechanical procedures. These include CFC reduction procedures, a lack of refrigerants in the space and even special lights that are made with LED designs to keep energy costs down while also supporting procedures dedicated to keeping a space lit up the right way.

This also relates to understanding what materials must be used in the process. This includes working with recycled materials like post-consumer and melted products that can be reformed. The use of locally produced materials is also emphasized in this certification in order to prevent transportation costs and emissions from being too strong as items are being powered in different ways.

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