LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (LEED AP O+M)

Definition - What does LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (LEED AP O+M) mean?

An LEED Accredited Professional who works with operations and maintenance procedures is a person who is responsible for several actions. These actions are dedicated to helping people out with keeping their materials under control when operating a business:
  • Implementing the use of sustainable building maintenance and operations plans
  • Improving the ways how these actions are currently being run
  • Checking on energy efficiency standards
  • Reducing energy use as needed
The professional can also be responsible for checking on all energy use standards while looking to see that any aberrations in energy use are fixed as soon as possible. This includes repairing any spaces that might be letting in more energy than what is really needed.

Testopedia explains LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (LEED AP O+M)

Operations in a building are handled to make sure that the building in question is designed and maintained with an appropriate amount of control based on what one wants to get out of running different items. This includes working with plans to manage water use by handling appropriate fixtures and maintaining them with recurring checks to see that everything is running well and is not using more water than necessary. Operations also includes knowing how to work with LED lights and other energy-saving materials as well as how to dispose of mercury and other items that have to be removed in order to keep an area operating with healthy considerations in mind.

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