Oracle Certified Professional (OCP DBA)

Definition - What does Oracle Certified Professional (OCP DBA) mean?

The Oracle Certified Professional is one of the three levels of the Oracle Certification Program being offered by Oracle Corporation. The other two being the Oracle Certified Associate and the Oracle Certified Master. While there are a lot of subjects being covered by different Oracle Certified Professional examinations, the DBA exam is one of the most coveted.

Testopedia explains Oracle Certified Professional (OCP DBA)

The Oracle Certified Professional is the most recent of a variety of data processing certifications that goes all the way back to the 1970s such as the Certificate in Data Processing. The certification exams became a way to safeguard people from hiring untalented Oracle professionals who misrepresented their skills because of the high salary that the position offered. Test takers will have to answer around 60 to 70 multiple choice items within 90 minutes.

Every Oracle Certified Professional examinations take 105 minutes. Aside from the very much in demand OCP DBA, some of the OCP exams include:

  • Oracle Certified Application Developer
  • Oracle Certified Java Developer
  • Oracle Designer Certification
  • Oracle Financial Applications Consultant Certification
  • Oracle Operator

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